First Year?


What I wished I had been told – Linda Dobson

Crock-Pot Homeschool: A Dozen Ingredients For Healthy Nourishment – Paula Harper-Christensen  (not a recipe)

Reducing Homeschool Stress – a list that includes: slow down, make a list, have a back-up plan, ask your chn for ideas, and daily prayer.

Resources – Andrea Hermitt’s list of useful homeschool links! scroll down and down …

General – click on subject > level.  UK = Key stage 1 or 2 = junior primary – heaps for kids plus parents. The links on NZ site have gone, but these are good basic edu sites. – Governor-General’s dog’s page! page still up even though Dame Silvia not G-G. – flashcards, stories etc – many in pdf form – printouts, flashcards. Look for ‘road.exe’ in downloads – great problem-solving and patience teaching. (not sure if still there?) 5yo – Dads! – check out many scholastic mags online


Mathematics  – set own parameters then print out sheet and answers – games – history

Science – in San Francisco, CA, USA. Earthquake, solar, music etc.

History, Geography, Culture


(Unit Studies, paper folding, book making) – Loads of links (right click and open in new window) and the process of lapbooking.

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