Legal – Steps

Home education is legal in NZ

You need to show that your child ‘will be taught as regularly and as well’ as in a registered school – s.21 of the Education Act 1989.

Each child needs an exemption,  6-16 years inclusive

Get ‘application for exemption’ forms from your local Ministry of Education office
– About three weeks before child’s 6th birthday or removal from school

Choices – wide open. You do not need to school from home. (see Styles)

You may get an Education Review Office (ERO) visit in first 2-3 years.

Do’s and Don’t’s:

Find out what Home Education IS and IS NOT from those currently homeschooling. (see Support Group contacts page)

Ask for help before you write or put in your application – from local exemption application helpers – talk things over at picnics, outings, family days

Remember you need to show that you will teach your child/ren ‘as regularly and as well’. Give thought to the routines and structure of your days.

Do not need to send in a timetable.

You do not need to use or follow the NZ Curriculum.

Ignore the negatives and mention the POSITIVES of/for home education. Do not slag schools, teachers, or bullies in your application.

Make sure you sign the form and enclose a copy of the birth certificate, not a passport. If grandparents are applying, put in a copy of the court order. These are common problems with applications.

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