Styles of Delivery


What are you going to do each day with each child?
Here are some of the wide range of ways of ‘doing’ home education: (click on the live links)

Ideas, Approaches and Curriculum – many styles of education

Minimal Structure


Unschooling – Sandra – living joyfullyJohn Holt + general unschooling –

Learning in the Absence of Education by Beverley Paine – pages of articles

Invited Learning – pdf article

Reggio Emilia – child, teacher, and environment as teachers – projects – homeschooling + REbased on 8 principles (LHS)Wikipedia entry

Unit StudiesAthens – Wheelers

KONOS, Education PLUS

Lapbooking – 101 Starter + digital, teens

Charlotte Mason – narration, Living Books

FIAR – Five in a Row

Heart of wisdom – Hebrew style
Biblical Holidays

Textbook Curriculum

ABeka A Beka Book

Saxon mathematics  

Bob Jones University Press – Christian Liberty Academy – Rod & Staff Publishers.

Structured Education

Classical Education – Trivium

ACE – Accelerated Christian Education

Montessori – structured environment, guided by director – resources checklist – great ideas to group and put into your s21 exemption application

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